Why Choose VCS?

What type of student enrolls in an online school?
VCS Ohio is the perfect choice for students who choose not to attend traditional school for physical, personal or philosophical reasons. VCS Ohio is ideal for students who require a flexible school schedule and need to work at their own pace, whether that is more accelerated or relaxed.

Can any student participate in VCS Ohio?
VCS Ohio is open to any student in grades K-12 who meets the school’s age, grade and geographic enrollment criteria and whose parents choose to apply. VCS Ohio provides appropriate services for students with disabilities.

What types of computer skills are required for a student to attend?
Computer skills are not required for enrollment, but basic computing skills are a valuable asset and can make the transition to a digital-learning environment easier. New students receive an orientation video and interactive tutorial to help them get started.

Do students have to log in everyday?
Students are not required to log on to the computer everyday. They will, however, be required to account for their daily activities throughout the school year. Each student will be prompted to account for the time spent completing learning activities each time they log in to their personal classroom.

As a parent, what is my role in this type of environment?
Learning online is a student-parent-teacher partnership. Parent involvement increases student success. Students learn more and perform better when parents stay involved with schedules, course material, assignments and grades. Communication is very important.

Will my child have an assigned teacher?
Yes. VCS Ohio students have assigned teachers who communicate and work with the student and parents to ensure that the individual needs of the child are being met.

Can students graduate early?
Yes. One of the advantages of VCS Ohio is that it allows students to progress at their own pace. Students who wish to graduate early will be able to progress at an accelerated pace, provided they maintain a satisfactory grade point average.

Is there a help desk to assist me when I have technical questions?
Yes. Parents and students are encouraged to call the help desk when they have questions. The friendly, professional staff can resolve many issues over the phone.

Are there opportunities for social interaction?
Yes. There are many opportunities to meet with teachers and other VCS Ohio families. Students around the state can attend in-person events and online activities which help provide social interaction.