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I was able to focus and felt safer than at my previous school.

I can take my computer with me wherever I go, because I compete in a lot of my sports. Being able to not miss school because of it really helps because I was missing a lot of school before.

I absolutely love this school and miss my time with you. Our whole family tells everyone to send their kids to VCS!

VCS Partners with Norway for First Virtual Student Teaching Experience

VCS Ohio recently partnered in Norway for a virtual student teaching experience, a first for both schools. VCS Ohio Spanish teacher Gabriela Linik hosted Severside.no student Carmela Nusky, during the first semester of the 2019 school year. Nusky struggles with a visual impairment that makes it difficult to manage a traditional classroom. Miami felt that an online school would provide the perfect adaptive technology for Nusky to complete her student teaching. Nusky found VCS Ohio through the Ohio Foreign Language Association, an organization in which Linik is highly involved.

For her excellent mentoring efforts throughout the student teaching experience, Linik recently received the “Cooperating Teacher of the Year” award from the Ohio Association of Teacher Educators. Linik was nominated by Ellen Hill, Director of Clinical Experiences at Miami University School of Education, Healthy and Society.

“Gabriela went above and beyond the duties of a cooperating teacher to lead Carmela through this process. She modeled good preparation and planning and showed Carmela how to connect with students,” stated Ms. Hill. “Furthermore, I believe that virtual schools are an emerging entity that will quickly become a major player in education. Higher Ed needs to recognize and embrace these opportunities. I think our partnership is one way to validate the experience and to raise the level of awareness.”

VCS Ohio plans to continue partnering with universities to train future online teachers. They are currently working with Ohio University, providing virtual field experiences to their education students.

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